Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Set for December Launch at $99.99

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Set for December Launch at $99.99

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The Xbox Series X mini fridge will finally launch!


Announced via an Xbox Wire post, the Xbox Series X mini fridge will not only aesthetically look like an Xbox Series X, but it will also be able to quench your thirst come time for the big game. It will be able to hold “up to 10 cans of your favorite beverage and has two shelves in the door,” perfect for additional snacks. On top of that, there will be a front-facing USB part to charge other devices and have a DC power adapter to be used on the go.


The long awaited mini fridge will be set for pre-sale on October 19th and will ship globally to retailers in December this holiday season. In the US it will cost $99, with European regions set at around the same price range (£89.99 in the UK and €99.00 in several of the EU nations).


The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Is Real, Coming This Holiday Season


The mini-fridge originally started as a viral meme, with several online commentators noting the similarities between the shape of the Xbox Series X console and a fridge. In a Twitter battle of brands, Microsoft promised they would release the fridge as a real product if they won the popularity contest with Skittles.


The mini-fridge is now even closer to our hands than ever before. Are you excited to get your hands on one?

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Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Set for December Launch at $99.99
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