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Xiaomi Develops Intel-Powered Smart Shoes

xiaomi intel smart shoes

Once more, Xiaomi is getting out of its comfort zone. The company has built a pair of smart shoes with Intel’s help #objectmagic

The Chinese manufacturer may be well-known for smartphone devices but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t built other gadgets, too. On the contrary, Xiaomi has so far developed smart home appliances like rice cookers, as well as electric scooters, drones and VR headsets. They’ve also shown interest in wearables, starting with the Mi Band and adding the Mi 90 points running shoes.

So, it’s no wonder they’ve recently contacted Intel to power up a smart pair of running shoes. The “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” was designed by Xiaomi and developed by Runmi Technology Co. Ltd, a Shanghai-based company. The “brain” is Intel’s Curie chip that enables every pair of shoes to keep track of the distance covered by the user and the number of calories he/she burns in this interval of time.

While these are essentially running shoes, they can be worn during power walks, hiking trips and climbing sessions. Every pair’s battery life lasts 60 days and boasts anti-skid feature and an arch design. 

They can be pre-ordered on Mi Home at the price of  CNY 300 (that amounts to $44) and are set to arrive starting April 15. The “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” shoes are available in Black, Surf Blue (men), Black and Pink (women).

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