Xiaomi Is Working On A Foldable Phone That Looks A Lot Like The Huawei Mate Xs

Xiaomi Is Working On A Foldable Phone That Looks A Lot Like The Huawei Mate Xs

Image: LetsGoDigital

Huawei recently released the Mate Xs, the company’s second-generation foldable device, and reviews are showing it’s an improvement from the original Mate X. It seems Xiaomi loved the fold-out design so much, it’s planning to release a similar-looking foldable phone. 

LetsGoDigital got their hands on a new patent filed by Xiaomi, regarding a foldable phone design that can only remind us of the above mentioned Huawei. The similarities between the two start at the folding technique and continue with a thicker portion at one of the device’s edges, where four cameras, a flash, and a mystery button (likely a hinge release) reside.

Image source: LetsGoDigital

The Mate Xs similarly has a button that releases the screen from its folded state, so that the user can unfold it into a tablet. Also, on the side of the same thicker module, the volume buttons and a Power key are located, and on its bottom, there is a standard USB Type-C port.

This new design is a lot different than what Xiaomi presented back in early 2019. We don’t know if the company dropped that design completely or it is just adding a new device to its still unreleased foldable line-up. Anyway, it looks like this year Xiaomi will launch such a device, it remains to see which one it will be. And with Xiaomi often being able to offer lower prices, it may very well be the cheapest foldable device of 2020. 

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