Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 Proposes… An Even Bigger Display? [Updated]

With the Mi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi gave us the impression no other Mi phone was going to make a splash this summer. Well, Mi Mix 4 will definitely not go unnoticed! In fact, it will break a few records of its own and improve on some Mi 11 Ultra features.

The Mi Mix line has always been an experimental one, if you ask me. These were the phones that wanted to make bezels nonexistent and that started a trend by doing so. 

Then this year, the first Mi Mix was a foldable, the company focusing their game-changing form factors and specs there.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4: Game-Changing Selfie Camera

The second Mi Mix, the Mi Mix 4, will debut a thing of its own. 

What precisely? The under-display selfie camera. Mi 11 Ultra should’ve sported this camera but Xiaomi went back on it and left that phone to boast just a secondary display. 

Well, Mi Mix 4 could bring the 20MP selfie camera under the panel, finally giving us a break from all the notches, punch holes, and annoying display interruptions. 

As for the secondary display… oh boy, oh boy, that will come back! In a BIG way! Get ready to watch the Mi Mix 4 come to market with the same super large camera island as the Mi 11 Ultra but with a bigger selfie display. Bigger than even the 1.1 inch one, that is. 

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Mi MIX 4: Rear Camera, Better Than the MI 11 Ultra One?

How are they doing that? Well, the Mi Mix 4 will have four rear cameras, stacked one under the other, saving some space on the right side. We don’t know much about them or let’s say, nothing was teased by Xiaomi. But I think the folks buying this one will have an 108MP main on their hands or at least a 50MP like with the Ultra. 

Expect powerful, smart cameras that will be at the top of the food chain in the Android world. After all, Mi 11 Ultra dominated the DxO mark ratings until recently, when the P50 Pro took the cake.  

So, I’d say Mi Mix 4 will come with an ultra-wide and a zoom that will make iPhone 12 and S21 owners pretty jealous!

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Mi MIX 4: First Xiaomi Phone with UWB

And speaking of those phones, the Mi Mix 4 will also compete at software level. The phone should be the first from Xiaomi to have ultra wideband support. You may have heard about UWB when talking about iPhones and AirTags, for example.

What does it actually do and is it just a fancy marketing term or an awesome solution? 

Think of it as the next step after Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Just like those, it helps devices connect wirelessly. But ultra wideband support helps those devices scan and track super-fast, accurate,ly and in real-time. They can also understand position so… it’s no wonder companies like Samsung and Apple think of it as key to turning phones into, well, keys to open the door to your house, to your car… you name it. 

Considering this takes us to the sci-fi future we’ve seen just in movies… well, it’s no wonder Xiaomi wants in. And Mi Mix 4 will be the way to do it. 

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Mi MIX 4: Big(ger) Secondary Display, Battery

The things that will set apart the phone are, to sum up, the under display camera, ultra wide band support, and bigger secondary screen on the back of the phone.

While the first two are very welcome, the screen… stood out a bit too much on the Ultra. Fingers crossed they’re gonna find a way so it stays flush with the rest of the body! 

The rest of the specs and features are in line with what premium smartphones look like in 2021. You’ve got your Snapdragon 888 to power up the phone and 8 to 12 GB of RAM with 256 of storage. 

No surprise in the connectivity and software department, either. Mi Mix 4 is gonna come with 5G and interact with users via MIUI 12.5. Not MIUI 13 however since that update is still a work in progress. 

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Besides that, expect a large display, a minimum of 6.4 inches, with a dual-curved shape. Unfortunately, we won’t see a bigger resolution than 1080p. But cheer up – you’ll get a 5,000mAh battery so plenty of time for streaming or playing, with 120W wired charging.

Mi MIX 4: Price and Release Date

Xiaomi just announced the Mi MIX 4 will debut in China this August 10.

How much will it cost?

For the record-breaking features this phone brings… I don’t expect it to sell for a couple hundred dollars. In fact, it could go beyond the 1,000 dollar mark or at least reach it. 

And that will make many people think twice before pushing that BUY button. This phone will be a great option for those already in the Xiaomi boat, looking to upgrade their device, or those who want to defy expectations; try that odd feature first, go against the grain. 

What do you think – is Mi Mix 4 something you’ll get?

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