Xiaomi Patents Smartphone Design With Two Displays And An Extendable Camera Lens

Image: TechiesBlog

Most smartphones have the same design, with a large display at the front and a camera setup at the back. Phone makers try and add their own touch by giving devices round or sharp edges and organizing the camera module on the back in different ways. Whoever tried to stand out hasn’t really had any success, foldable phone designs, for example, are still pretty shaky.

It seems Xiaomi is the latest phone manufacturer who is working on a different approach. TechiesBlog spotted a patent registered by the company for a device with two displays and one mega camera. 

Image:  TechiesBlog

On the front of the device, there is a regular display – nothing new there – but on the back, there is another display, that takes up about half the surface. Next to that, the patent images show an extendable camera that can make a real difference in zoom performance for which Xiaomi is planning to use a 108MP sensor. The unique camera may also have a downside, the phone’s durability and water resistance could suffer because of the design.

image:  TechiesBlog

Companies file patents all the time for different designs and ideas, but most of them rarely make it to the real world. Patent images are usually not that detailed as they are shown here, so this could mean the idea has a real chance of becoming a real device.

This isn’t the first revolutionary design Xiaomi is introducing, the company unveiled a daring smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, and made headlines with its 180.6% screen-to-body ratio.

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