You Can Now Contribute to World’s First Poop Database to Help Train AI

You Can Now Contribute to World’s First Poop Database to Help Train AI

seed health giveashit campaign auggi algorithm

It’s not often that someone wants to see your poop, particularly connected to MIT, but here we are.

Microbial health company Seed asks netizens to #giveashit and contibute to what’s essentially the world’s first poop database (at least officially).

By uploading pictures of your feces, you can help scientists train an out-of-MIT health AI called auggi and, hopefully, 1 in 5 people in the US who suffer from chronic gut conditions like IBS.

“We don’t always think about stool as like a daily data — I’m putting air quotes around “dump” — but really, as a direct output of our gut health,” said Ara Katz, the co-founder and co-CEO of Seed Health, in a The Verge report.

To #GIVEaSHIT, like the company asks, it won’t be enough to submit any old photo of your stool. 

You’ll have to visit, click the button that says so, then add your email address and toilet habits. If you can’t take a picture right then and there, there’s also the option to set an email reminder to nag you to contribute to the cause.

Don’t worry, the image will be separated from the metadata, so the developers thought about your privacy.

To make sure the dataset is correct and the AI is trained properly, seven gastroenterologists will have to actually examine each and every stool image and classify it on the Bristol Stool Scale. 

Remember that visual chart you probably saw when you discussed your pooping habits with a doctor?

seed health giveashit campaign auggi algorithm

While the project creators did share some funny tidbits about their research adventures through forums like Reddit, they did tell The Verge that “it’s really critical to build this database and to develop these simple monitoring tools to allow those patients to essentially do that at home.”

Since this is for a noble cause, you could visit this website after your morning coffee and contribute.

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