Your Future Volvo’s System Will Try To Keep You Safe If You Have Been Drinking or Are Distracted


Volvo has taken to tackling the issue of drunk driving and fatigue at the wheel with a new in-car system who will keep a close watch on the drivers for signs of intoxication or distraction and apply all the necessary measures it can in order to keep them safe.

The system employs cameras and sensors that will keep an eye on the driver and take notice if they are slumping in their seat, keeping their eyes closed or looking away for a longer period of time than it’s safe.

The Volvo will start slowing down and will alert them if the system assesses they are not driving as responsibly as they should have and, if these measures don’t work, it will get the driver some on-call assistance. If all else fails, the car will find a good, safe space and park itself autonomously.

Volvo made it clear that the system will not put itself into action unless it detects a serious problem. If you just happen to move in your seat or look at something on the street for a second or two, it will not automatically start calling assistance.

The company will begin setting up the system on its cars as early as 2020 and, in order to further encourage safer roads, has also decided to set the car’s maximum speed at 180kph.

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