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First Footage Of What It’s Like To Magically Leap In Mixed Reality

Magic Leap has remained a mistery in the last 6 years, with no one really understanding how they were going to make mixed reality… a reality. Now, the company has released a footage showing what a morning would look like for a Magic Leap user #realitymagic

Compared several times with Microsoft Hololens, the Magic Leap head-mounted virtual display would project images on users’ retinas, making for a whole new experience in altered realities field. As you can see in the video above, a user could start his day viewing productivity charts, presentations, videos, test messages as holograms and even relaxing clips describing the eery flow of jellyfish in his room.

Looks too good to be true? Well, Magic Leap says they shot everything directly through the technology and didn’t use special effects or compositing. As much as we’re annoyed by their teasing strategy, we have to say we’re getting more excited about the (hopefully soon) unveiling of their device.

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