Renault EZ-GO Self-Driving Electric Car Is Truly Spectacular

renault ez-go concept self driving electric car

Stealing the spotlight at the Geneva Motor Show this week is the Renault EZ-GO autonomous car concept.

It’s a futuristic community vehicle that checks all the boxes on what people are expecting from the future of transportation.

You see, it’s not just a self-driving electric car, but it’s also designed for ride-sharing in urban environments. As many as six people can ride in it, even standing up like in a bus.

With its generous interior space and windows, it’s a cross between an Uber and a small bus. Indeed, you can hop-on and hop-off any time you want, offering some cooler perks like Wi-fi and charging points.

renault ez-go concept self driving electric car 2

Just as with other ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft, you’ll be able to use an app to call the Renault EZ-GO as an Uber or as a mini-van for your group of friends. Who knows, perhaps Renault will follow Uber and Lyft’s tracks and try to become something of an ambulance, too.

Renault wants to bring the self-driving EZ GO on the roads somewhere in 2022, but there’s no telling how many of the features shown in the prototype will reach the market.

Until then, you can always experience what’s it like in a self-driving car with the newly released Waymo 360° Experience.

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