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Shapescale, A 3D Body Scanner, Is Up For Pre-Order


There’s nothing wrong with keeping your weight under check. In fact, it’s a healthy custom, even though the traditional scale doesn’t tell you much more than the number of kilograms. But that’s exactly what Shapescale hopes to change… in the form of a 3D body scanner  #objectmagic

Shapescale looks like an ordinary scale, only it extends upward thanks to a robotic arm. That’s not for design purposes, mind you. It actually has the purpose of circling your body and capturing a 360-degree image. With the help of a depth sensor, it maps your body in 3D, keeping a digital version of you in the companion app. In time, thanks to that 3D scan, it can track changes regarding muscle gain (thanks to body heat tracking) and weight drop.

It’s definitely a high-tech solution to keep score of your diet progress, but is it an essential one? It depends on how much you spend on fitness and health gadgets (and how precise of a reading you need).

At a retail price of $599, Shapescale is definitely not cheap. On the contrary, it might make it on the Luxury health gadgets list. The battery-powered scale can also be reserved for $299 if you don’t want to pay up front. The final batch is set to ship in April next year.

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