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AI Generated Images on Shutterstock? They Were Fun (and Profitable) While They Lasted

Images generated by AI tools like Midjourney and DALL-E might capture people’s imagination but they’re not to be sold – at least not on Shutterstock.

The biggest stock image platform in the world used to offer for sale images generated by Midjourney but people noticed those images have been disappearing, as well as anything tagged as “AI generated”.

While Shutterstock does not explicitly ban the sale of AI-generated images, Motherboard noticed that most of them are disappearing from sale.

“But late Monday, the results for “Midjourney” seem to have been reduced, leaving mainly stock photos of the tool’s logo. Other images use tags like “AI generated” — one image, for example, is an illustration of a futuristic building with an image description reading “Ai generated illustration of futuristic Art Deco city, vintage image, retro poster.” The image is part of a collection the artist titled “Midjourney,” which has since been removed from the site. Other images marked “AI generated,” like this burning medieval castle, seem to remain up on the site,” reports the outlet.

Stock photography banks work by allowing content creators to post their original photos or artwork for sale, then take a cut that varies between 15 to 40 percent.

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However, since tools like Midjourney and DALL-E scrape the web for photos that they then unite into new compositions to create AI-generated “art”, original content creators are not happy by the idea that that art can be sold alongside their work,

If you want an overview of the situation, ArsTechnica put together a great overview of the artists who are experimenting with selling AI art and the implications of allowing AI-generated art on Shutterstock, Getty Images and similar platforms.

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AI Generated Images on Shutterstock? They Were Fun (and Profitable) While They Lasted

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