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Civil Rights Groups Petition to Cancel the Creepy Ring Nation Reality Show – Will Amazon Care?

Amazon is working on a reality show called ‘Ring Nation’, in which presenter Wanda Sykes will show viewers funny surveillance videos taken by Ring doorbell cameras.

Obviously, the creepy implications of this show triggered civil rights activists and privacy advocates everywhere. Now, 40 of them are petitioning MGM television to cancel the show.

“Through Ring Nation, MGM’s new show that airs footage from Ring devices, your studio is normalizing and promoting Amazon Ring’s dangerous network of surveillance cameras,” the activists say.

The big problem?

The civil rights groups are petitioning MGM, which is owned by Amazon itself… which also owns Ring cameras, producer Big Fish Entertainment and, of course, the Amazon Prime Video platform always looking for new content.

“Amazon Ring doorbell cameras and their associated app, Neighbors, violate basic privacy rights, fuel surveillance-based policing that disproportionately targets people of color and threatens abortion seekers, and enables vigilantes to surveil their neighbors and racially profile bystanders. Given the aforementioned harms,” say the writers of the open letter to MGM.

However, as Vice asks, who can really cancel this show considering everything surrounding it is owned by Amazon?

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Civil Rights Groups Petition to Cancel the Creepy Ring Nation Reality Show – Will Amazon Care?
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