AI-Generated Wikipedia Blurbs To Help Overlooked Scientists

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One of the best projects in the AI writing area (other than weird poetry) is definitely the Quicksilver AI, which helps put the spotlight on scientists who, even though they are doing amazing things, haven’t managed to get their own Wikipedia page.

Because human editors still struggle to create Wikipedia pages because of sheer volume, a company called Primer created an AI system called Quicksilver to pick up the slack. Its first mission? Create Wikipedia pages for scientists who do great work and deserve to be featured there.

The company, which has major clients like Walmart and the US government, used 30,000 existing scientist Wikipedia pages in order to train the Quicksilver AI, then fed 200,000 names and related employment info obtained from the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. After that, Quicksilver produced basic bios for a lot of scientists who had authored studies.

“The system as a whole is more complicated than that, of course: one step is that the AI system needs to do disambiguation (a weird term you’ve probably seen on Wikipedia) that in this case mean making sure that the system isn’t mixing up two people who have the same name. It also reads a slew of news sources to learn more about each scientist […]

It also does ‘event detection’ when scanning the news for each name, which entails organizing news documents into clumps in which ‘each clump seems to be describing a real world event.’ That ‘news event’ could be when a scientist publishes a study that garners media attention and is thus something possibly worth including in a Wikipedia article,” explains Popsci based on information from John Bohannon, Primer’s directors of science.

However, don’t think that human Wikipedia editors will be left out in the cold. As Bohann says, the “goal is definitely not to have a ‘bot write Wikipedia,” but to help existing editors work faster and help accomplished individuals get their own Wiki page. You can check out a few samples of Quicksilver AI’s work here.

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