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Alienware X-Series Laptops Debut New Cooling Solution Called “Element 31”

Dell is preparing to launch a new lineup of gaming laptops called the Alienware X series where the main perk is an entirely new cooling solution.

Keeping in with the UFO and aliens themes, the Alienware X-Series laptops will use “Element 31”, a new thermal interface material (TIM).

A pad instead of a paste, “Element 31” is an industry-first technology exclusive to Alienware. It’s made of gallium silicone that, according to Dell, provides “a decrease to overall thermal resistance over the previous generation and extraordinary improvement in contact resistance as shown in preliminary testing.”

The new Alienware laptops will also feature a new, patent-pending Quad-Fan design that “produces dedicated airflow using evacuative fans and dual opposite outlet fans,” which will make them a lot thinner.

Alienware Quad Fan Technology For Laptops
Alienware Quad Fan Technology For Laptops

You can see how the new Quad-Fan design looks in the video above. The larger fans are the reason why the connectivity ports were moved to the back of the laptop, instead of on the traditional sides.

Of course, these being Alienware, the new X-Series will come with the 11th-gen Intel CPUs and the RTX 30-series graphics cards from NVIDIA.

Dell didn’t say when you could expect the new Alienware line-up but something tells us they’ll drop by the end of the summer, as the company will hold an event called #TheAlienUpdate on June 1st.

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Alienware X-Series Laptops Debut New Cooling Solution Called “Element 31”
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