Amazfit PowerBuds Change Shape Depending on Your Workout

Wired, neckband style or completely wireless, earphones are versatile today. But they’re never a 2-in-1 deal – you have to stick with a shape. Unless we’re talking about Amazfit PowerBuds.

Unlike other buds, these ones have secret magnetic accessories that make them stay put during more hard-core workouts. You know, during those times when you can feel the buds slipping from your ear and you have to slow down to shove them in better.

They’re not exactly unheard of, to be honest. They’re just regular ear hooks, the kind that some earphones come with. Only the ones sported by PowerBuds are optional, meaning you can hook them up (or not) depending on how intense your exercise is. That’s a pretty neat feature, since that hook can irritate the skin when worn day after day.

So where do you keep the ear hooks when not in use? In the charging case.

Design-wise, this was the feature that stood out for us. However, it’s worth mentioning that the black and red scheme looks extremely cool and the overall shape should fit most ears nicely.

Tech-wise, the Amazfit PowerBuds have an IPX5 rating, touch controls and wear detection. The latter means the earbuds will stop playing music when you pull them out and resume it when you put them in again. There’s also heart rate monitoring included.

When it comes to audio streaming, the PowerBuds have two special listening modes. In motion beat mode, the bass is enhanced throughout the workout. Thru Mode helps when you’re in traffic, letting ambient noise go through so you’re aware and safe at all times.

Workout stats such as pace, duration, heart rate are pushed through with the help of vocal notifications.

Picking up calls is possible, too; moreover, it’s enhanced by an ENC dual-mic noise cancelling feature.

How does the battery fare? As with most Amazfit products, it doesn’t disappoint. You get 8 hours of play time (with heart rate monitoring) on a single charge and get 3 hours of music after 15 minutes of charging.

When are they out? This February, when they launch for $99.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ezop11

    February 17, 2020 at 10:02 am

    when are they going to be launched ? more that half of Feb has passed by lol.

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