These Under 2 Grams Earbuds Were Made for Naps, Not Workouts

Earplugs are getting a revamp this year. The incredibly simple but vital products meet smart features and even music (!) in a pair of earbuds: Amazfit ZenBuds.

Amazfit, the makers of budget-friendly fitness wearables, are turning their attention to sleep this year. Not just by adding sleep tracking to their devices, but by devising a pair of soothing earbuds.

ZenBuds are incredibly small and ridiculously lightweight, measuring only 1.78 grams/earpiece. That, of course, is key when it comes to sleep accessories, since no one loves wearing tight or heavy devices during the night. Here, the motto “less is more” rules.

Of course, the ZenBuds’ design is made to follow the ear and stay snug, blocking noise as much as possible. But, besides noise isolation, ZenBuds emit soothing sounds of their own so users can fall asleep quicker. When the device concludes the user has fallen asleep, the sounds stop automatically.

Another perk of smart earplugs, okay, earbuds, becomes obvious only in the morning. Because they’re connected to your phone, the ZenBuds react to the alarm the user has set. When the time is right, an escalating alarm tone is emitted to their ears only, making sure no one else is woken up.

The Amazfit ZenBuds last through the night, meaning the user can count on 8 hours of battery life. The charging case provides 56 hours of extra power.

If you live in a particularly noisy area, your partner’s snores keep you up at night or you’re simply suffering from insomnia, the ZenBuds might be worth a second look.  When they retail, you’ll be able to buy them for $149.99.

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