Animal Crossing Players Sharing Stock Prices, Selling Characters On Online Forums

Animal Crossing Players Sharing Stock Prices, Selling Characters On Online Forums

Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to be a phenomenon two months after release. Perhaps to be expected with a game as popular as Animal Crossing, people are turning to online forums to crowdsource items and characters.

One such forum is the turnip market. Turnips are Animal Crossing’s version of stocks. Every Sunday, players can buy turnips from Daisy Mae. Throughout the week, turnips resale prices fluctuate, sometimes ranging from around 50-600% what was paid for. As turnip resale prices differ from island to island, players have used online forums to announce when their island has good turnip buying prices. Turnip Exchange, for example, is a website where players can list what their turnip prices are in exchange for desired items like Nook Miles Tickets or DIY recipes.

Turnip exchange forums like these operate as “shared resources,” using game mechanics to benefit everyone. As far as I know, these don’t break Nintendo’s terms of use.

However, as Kotaku reports, some online forums exchange desired Animal Crossing characters for money. Popular characters fetch an asking price of around $50. Commercialization of its products other than for videos or social media channels are not allowed Nintendo reportedly knows of this breach of service and “it is currently considering what steps should be taken regarding the sale of New Horizons characters.”

If you were thinking about engaging in online trades to find your favorite islander or spruce up your island with new furniture, avoid services that ask for money in exchange.

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