You Can Now Visit Anne Frank's House in VR

You Can Now Visit Anne Frank’s House in VR

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Game developer Force Field VR collaborated with the official Anne Frank House museum to create a VR tour of the Secret Annex.

Now, there’s a great virtual tour available for all those who want to see where Anne famously hid with her family for more than two years during World War II, without having to travel to the Amsterdam location. #realitymagic

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2018 marks the year when Anne would have celebrated her 89th birthday and 71 years passed since her diary was published with the efforts of her father, Otto Frank.

“The hiding place at 263 Prinsengracht is relatively spacious. There is enough room for two families. This is unusual given that parents and children who go into hiding are frequently separated from each other. Most hiding places are small spaces in damp cellars or dusty attics. People hiding in the countryside are sometimes able to go outside, but only if there is no danger of them being discovered,” explains the museum’s website.

Now, visitors can explore this area just by downloading the Anne Frank VR Tour available here.

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