Apple Music May Arrive on PS5
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Apple Music May Arrive on PS5


As shared on Reddit by a PS5 user, the Apple Music app was seen in the PlayStation 5’s music menu. When trying to download the app, users get an error message that says it’s not available.

“This app is playable only on PS4,” which Eurogamer says is a standard error message when an app isn’t available,” the user stated.

A second user said it was also able to spot the Apple Music logo when setting up a new US account.

Of course, the fact that the Apple Music logo was highlighted in the PS5’s music menu could suggest that both Play Station and Apple could have a specific arrangement in the works. Apple hasn’t announced anything along these lines, but as we already know, the Apple TV app is already available for PlayStation consoles. 

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is working on a new Apple Music and Podcast apps for the Microsoft Store, meaning those could be apps for Xbox Series.

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Apple Music May Arrive on PS5
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