Asus ROG Strix XG Gaming Monitors Will Make You Want A Bigger Desk

asus rog strix 49 inch ces 2019

After stunning CES 2019 attendants with the ROG Mothership, a gaming laptop with a spectacular design, Asus unveiled its next offering: a trio of new gaming monitors that will make PC gamers look for bigger desks.

All three ROG Strix XG gaming monitors come with VA pannels, Display HDR certification and FreeSync 2 support.

The most humble of them, the Asus XG32VQ is the best option for those whose GPU can’t handle 4K but still want immersive graphics. It’s a 31.5-inch 1440p display with 144 Hz refresh rate and Display HDR 400.

Those who want to upgrade their dual monitor setup should look at the Asus XG49VQ, an ultra-wide 49-inch display that basically amounts to two 27-inch monitors side by side.

asus rog strix 49 inch ces 2019

With 3840 x 1080 resolution and a 32:9 aspect ratio and 144 Hz refresh rate and Display HDR 400, gamers wanting the biggest possible field of view will definitely be putting the XG49VQ on their wishlist.

And finally, the star of the three new Asus monitors: the XG438Q, which demands you probably upgrade to a bigger desk.

This 43-inch 4K monitor with 120 Hz refresh rate also features two 10-watt stereo speakers, so it has more in common with a TV than a regular gaming monitor. The Asus XG438Q also comes with DisplayHDR 600 and a 120 Hz refresh rate, so any game in your Steam library will probably look spectacular on it.

Unfortunately, just like in the case of the ROG Mothership, Asus didn’t announce pricing for these monitors, so you’ll have to wait (and save!) a bit for that.

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