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Barsys Smart Coaster Wants to Fix Your Homemade Cocktails

barsys coaster smart coaster for cocktails

Barsys, a New York-based company dedicated to smart bar accessories, is back and wants to help you craft the perfect cocktail at home, no mixology degree needed. 

To do so, it debuted the Barsys Coaster, a smart coaster that can sense how much liquid you pour into the glass – no more “Way too much rum!” or “Does this thing even have alcohol?”.

Of course, knowing how much to pour isn’t the only thing if you want to make cocktails more complicated than your average Martini. 

The Barsys Coaster comes with the free Barsys App, which lets you input what you have at home, then suggests the perfect cocktail using those ingredients and guides you to create it.

The company also made the experience social, letting you share your cocktail “Mixlists” or follow influencers.

This smart coaster will be available starting November 6 on the Barsys website at a promo pre-order price of $95. 

Come December, when it launches, the price will jump to $149, so if you’re thinking of getting a gift to someone, jump on this deal!

If you pre-order the Barsys Coaster, you’ll also receive a free Barsys Mixer, another smart home device intended for cocktails alone.

“Internal coils control the RPMs to automatically shake or stir your cocktail depending on the recipe selection. The electromagnetic device doesn’t require any charging or battery power, just place it on the Coaster and watch it spin,” explains Barsys.

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