Capsulier Lite Introduces A Classy Way to Make Fresh Coffee Pods On Your Own

capsulier refillable coffee pods machine

It just debuted at the Chicago Home Show 2019 and it already looks to be a coffee brewer‘s cup of joe: meet the Capsulier Lite.

This classy-looking device is, according to its makers, the world’s first single-push, reusable and mess-free capsule maker.

Simply put, the Capsulier Lite is a companion piece to your coffee maker, allowing you to fill your capsules with your favorite blend of coffee and spices.

You just have to fill the CAPSCI with your roasted and ground beans, place it in the Capsulier and push the lever to seal the pod. Then, place the pod in your coffee maker and enjoy your custom blend.

To do this, it uses capsules called CAPSCI made out of stainless steel, which guarantees their reusability and durability.

Capsci Capsulier reusable pods

While the Capsulier Lite is indeed a niche product, it does stand out by virtue of design. The white, minimalist look with gold edges does make you think about quality coffee.

While the Capsulier Lite itself is available for just $99, the CAPSCI pods might seem a bit expensive. A pack of two stainless steel capsules and a scoop will set you back $36, so make sure you don’t lose any in the dishwasher.

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