Check Out The Galaxy Z Flip Hands On For A Look At Samsung’s New Foldable Phone


Samsung planned to unveil the new foldable phone alongside the Galaxy S20 on February 11th but leakers beat them to it.

Check out the first images of the Galaxy Z Flip, the second Samsung foldable phone and the first one to adopt the clamshell design.

Want a clamshell phone like the Motorola Razr but with better specs?

The Galaxy Z Flip seems to do the trick! 

As you can see from the video, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip closes without leaving a gap between the sides of the screen.

Also, there aren’t any bumps in the screen, unlike the display on the Motorola Razr, a quirk that Motorola warned about.

The outside of the Galaxy Z Flip sports a tiny display showing the time, date, and battery life right next to the dual camera.

The ‘inside’, which is the foldable display, has a punch hole cutout at the top for the selfie camera.

As for Galaxy Z Flip features, this leak from a few days ago pretty much covered everything.

We know it uses the Snapdragon 855+ flagship processor, has 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage and a lot of goodies that separate it from the midrange yet extra pricy Motorola Razr.

With only a few days left until the official reveal, we can’t wait to see what else Samsung will announce to drive up hype. 

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