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Cheesiest Pickup Lines Only an AI Could Create

We absolutely admire AIs solving complicated puzzles and finding effective solutions in record time but when it comes to them being creative… well, let’s say we’re more amused than in awe in those cases. It’s just the majority miss the mark completely when asked to write poems or scripts; however, when tasked to create believable pickup lines, they fare slightly better.

Janelle Shane published the cheesiest and weirdest pick up lines her trained AIs came up with, in an era when online dating is at an all-time high, and therefore such attempts at flirting could actually make it in a dating app chat.

To come up with these pickup lines in the first place, Shane used a neural net, training data and a language model by OpenAI. Four systems were tasked to produce pickup lines starting from an article headline. The prompt was, ““These are the top pickup lines of 2021! Amaze your crush and get results!”. DaVinci, Curie, Babbage and Ada, each of varying size, had to come up with the best pickup lines – in their view – that could make the cut.

These are the top 6 weirdly cute flirting attempts by the AIs:

  1. I love you. I don’t care if you’re a doggo in a trenchcoat. 
  2. I will briefly summarize the plot of Back to the Future II for you. 
  3. I Love You, I Love You, I Love You To The confines of death and disease, the legions of earth rejoices. Woe be to the world! 
  4. Butterfly (Hop on one leg) 
  5. Funny Nifty Sweaters – $15.99→ 
  6. Limit to 1 purchase in stores 

Wondering how we went from “I don’t care if you’re a doggo” to “Limit to 1 purchase in stores”?

The answer is simple: two different authors.

See, the first two lines, which kinda make sense (and might even work with an unconventional person who loves dogs and Back to the Future II) were written by DaVinci, the largest neural network. Therefore, it had the biggest shot to come up with something usable by humans, too.

The following two lines – incredibly visual and poetic – were the “works of art” of Babbage. They could work when you’re drunk but still want to serenade your partner.

Ada, the author of the last two lines, skipped the pleasantries and went straight to business. Her plan to charm the pants off someone? Offer them deals they can’t possily refuse.

I guess that’s a way to go about it, too! What is your favorite line from the ones above? None? Well, then you should discover the rest of the flirty gems on Janelle Shane’s blog, here.

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Cheesiest Pickup Lines Only an AI Could Create
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