China Approves World’s First Inhalable COVID-19 Vaccine

While the whole world seems to have stopped seeing COVID-19 as a threat and antivax sentiments at an all-time high, China just approved the world’s first inhalable COVID-19 vaccine. 

The treatment, based on CanSino’s existing one-dose vaccine, has tremendous potential to alleviate antivax and anti jabbers fears of needles.

In a statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Sunday, Tianjin-based CanSino Biologics announced that the CanSino Ad5-nCoV needle-free, inhaled vaccine has been approved as a booster vaccine for emergency use.

A new version of the existing CanSino one-dose vaccine that was actually the first in the world to get to human testing, back in March 2020, it can stimulate antibodies in nasal and airway tissues to defend against coronavirus.

Considering the new needle-free vaccine can be self-administered, it will alleviate pressure on health-care workers and could even sway vaccine-hesitant people.

However, the needle-free vaccine is still not available on the market. 

“Cansino also said it was uncertain when its vaccine would be able to go to market, since additional administrative approvals are still needed, while sales would depend on the COVID-19 situation at home and abroad, as well as China’s vaccination rate,” explains a Reuters report.

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China Approves World’s First Inhalable COVID-19 Vaccine
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