Connect This Device To Your Smartphone To Detect Covid in Just 2 Minutes



A new device has been made available in Spain recently, which can detect the Covid-19 virus from just a simple breath. It’s called the DSA Breath Pass and was developed by a Finnish company that specializes in medical devices. 

The Breath Pass works almost in the same way as a breathalyzer: all you have to do is exhale once in the mouthpiece and wait for the result to pop up, which only takes around 20 minutes. As you can guess, it’s the fastest device in the world capable of offering a diagnosis in such a short time. 

So, how does it do it?

Inside the device there is a matrix composed of nine analog and digital nano-sensors capable of detecting molecules of biological origin, such as the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be found in a person’s breath. 

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This matrix, coupled up with specially designed software, allows the device to communicate with an artificial intelligence algorithm that scans a database, located in the cloud, and can find the correspondence between the volatile compounds it intercepted from your breath and various diseases, Covid-19 included. 

What’s interesting about this device is that the volatile organic compounds that Covid-19 is accompanied by are found in the breath as early as 24 hours before, which means that the Breath Pass can diagnose positive cases even in their pre-symptomatic phase.

In order for it to operate correctly, all you have to do is connect the device to your smartphone or tablet. 

The Breath Pass is 85% accurate, and its effectiveness has been determined by tests conducted in Spain, at the University Hospital of Jerez. On January 14th DSA announced that its device has obtained the CE medical certification at European level. This means that the device can be sold in all territories of the European Union.

It is believed that the DSA Breath Pass can be particularly useful in this phase of the pandemic, especially in locations that deal with a large influx of people – such as shows, sporting events, stations and airports – as well as in other places such as hospitals and clinics.

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The goal is for the device to work to support the work of lateral flow tests and PCR swabs, which, at the moment, still are the ‘gold standard’ as far as diagnosing Covid-19 goes. 

At the moment, it’s yet unknown if the device will become available globally. 

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Connect This Device To Your Smartphone To Detect Covid in Just 2 Minutes
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