Could LG Signature Rollable Phone Happen Next Year?

Could LG Signature Rollable Phone Happen Next Year?

Signature Series OLED TV R is a functional, incredibly looking TV that rolls up and down. You can hide it when you want to use it as a soundbar or a stylish stand and nothing more. And you can even roll it partially, to see the clock, set lighting and more.

If anyone’s got a chance to make a rollable phone happen, it is LG. That’s why we’re taking this rumor pretty seriously.

As for this year? Well, LG Velvet has been out for some time now but it wasn’t the flagship some were expecting. So do they have anything else on the pipeline? You betcha!

There’s talk about a phone with the codename: Wing. It won’t fold or roll but it will… swivel. 

More in the video above!

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