Don’t Want Your Uber Driver To Talk To You? Ask For That via The Uber App



Some people are just naturally chatty, even after a long day’s work but others would much like prefer things to be silent, at least for the ride back home. We’ve all had experiences when using ride sharing services, with that one driver who just can’t stop telling you about their day or asking you about yours.

Even if the driver is nice, there are times when having a bit of quiet is really all that you need.

Now Uber wants to offer you that small luxury when using its services: if you ride in an Uber Black or Unber Black SUV, you will not be able to request a silent ride via a feature in the Uber app called Quiet Mode.

This feature comes along in a bundle of other ‘Ride Preferences‘ bundle that allows you to customize your trip: you can ask for a little conversation if you so feel inclined, walk inside the car to your desired temperature or ask for help with your bag.

If you need more time to get ready, you can also request a longer pickup period of up to 15 minutes as well.

The feature has already been released in the U.S and they will be active in most major cities. For now, it is unknown if Uber will expand this service worldwide.

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