DuckDuckGo Prevents Android Apps from Tracking You

DuckDuckGo wants to offer users what Google has been unable to, so far: a way to prevent Android apps from tracking your every move.

The privacy-oriented browser has worked on a feature that can prevent invasive trackers and third-party players to watch your every move online.

The feature is called “App Tracking Protection for Android” and works as a firewall between all Android apps you’ve installed and third-party companies that might try to get ahold of that data and use it to their advantage.

Right now, the extra security measure is in beta but you can put your name on a waitlist in the settings of DuckDuckGo app so you can take advantage of it immediately after you’re approved. As you can imagine, it’s up to you if you want to let the feature work full time or have reasons to disable it now and then.

DuckDuckGo not only pushes trackers away but will give you the chance to see how many are trying to siphon your data in real time.

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If it sounds familiar, it’s because Apple has come out with their “App Tracking Transparency,” for iOS this spring. Since then, iPhone users everywhere chose which apps could track their activity for ad-targeting purposes and which couldn’t.

However, this move didn’t motivate Google as we hoped. The company only made a similar attempt in the summer when they promised Android 12 would have similar freedom starting at the end of 2021.

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Now that DuckDuckGo beat them to it, many users might decide to jump the gun and try this tool out instead of waiting after Google for a month or more.

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1 Comment

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