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Elegant Canvas or TV? LG Evo Can’t Seem to Decide

What is better – doing your job as an honest, OLED TV or passing for an elegant piece of art? The new LG Evo couldn’t seem to decide so it did both.

LG reimagined their 65-inch Evo TV for the new Object Collection line. While the standard model is clearly a stylish TV, this one can very well pass for an elegant canvas.

How come? The TV was mounted on a metal easel so it can be leaned against a wall like a piece of canvas instead of being hanged. Then, it has a moving cover made from fabric, in three colors: beige, redwood and green.

The cover can hide the screen entirely or it can roll down to uncover just a part of it. In this mode, the LG Evo can be used to play music or see the clock. If you’re wondering, the cover is adjustable from a dedicated remote control so you can operate it from a distance.

As you can imagine, the new version of the TV is much more expensive than its counterpart.

The LG Evo TV from the Object Collection is expected to hit the market next week in Korea at a price of US$8,381. Customers will be able to purchase separately extra covers.

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Elegant Canvas or TV? LG Evo Can’t Seem to Decide
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