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Next Galaxy Watch Might Be Rollable and Sport a Camera

Next on Samsung’s to do list is a… rollable watch. One that not only extends but sports a camera too.

A Samsung patent originally filed in June was spotted by LetsGoDigital showcasing a round smartwatch with a twist. Or, rather, a roll.

The patent shows a wristwatch with a screen that extends by pressing the crown. Extended, the display isn’t round any longer but oval and 40% larger.

Samsung seems to hope this bigger display will convince users in the future to watch videos on it, either shot by others or recorded by them. As we said, in the middle of the screen, stands a camera observing you like a living eye.

That’s not the first time we heard about a company’s intention to go this route. Meta is working on a similar smartwatch with a notch camera. And, before these two, Nubia released a flexible smartwatch with a camera on the side.

The problem then was the position of the camera. I had to contort my wrist to get a decent angle for a still, not to mention a video. I also had issues with watching my content and ended up looking at it on my phone via the companion app.

I’ll be watching closely how Samsung addresses these problems when or if they do make the patent a reality. For now, I can’t imagine many users would decide to watch video content on their watch when their phone’s close anyway, since many times the two are connected and in proximity.

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Next Galaxy Watch Might Be Rollable and Sport a Camera
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