Endless Instagram Account Paying Tribute To Brancusi Goes On Forever, Invites Other Artists to Participate

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Two Romanian artists paid tribute to the famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi almost a century after he realized one of his most celebrated work: the Endless Column. They used Instagram to continue Brancusi’ column, in a medium were infinity is a possibility. And they’re looking for contributors!

Here’s a new place to contribute your art.

The Endless Column is a single symmetrical piece, composed of truncated pyramids that appear glued together to form a stylized rope. The first piece, made from oak, rests at MoMA but the longest and most renowned one, reaching 98ft., can be found in Romania.

Made from cast iron modules “threaded” onto a carbon steel spine, this longer piece is part of a trilogy about life; The Table of Silence is said to represent communion and divinity, The Gate of The Kiss is all about sexual initiation while The Endless Column has been interpreted as a symbol of triumph, as a human aspiration but is also associated with burial pillars risen for Romanian soldiers fallen in World War I.

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Of all three, the latter is considered Brancusi’ best work so Romanian creatives Alex Eftimie and Mihai Botarel decided it to give it a modern spin. Eftimie, a multidisciplinary creative, and Botarel, writer and co-founder of New York-based RXM Creative, created the Instagram account @TheEndlessColumn .

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By taking advantage of the platform’s grid format, they essentially reconstructed the Endless Column from hundreds of pictures. But there’s more; they invited Romanian artists to contribute to the column and interpret it as they see fit. 

Miruna Macri, Bianca Dumitrascu, Raluca Bararu, Andrei Robu are just some of the artists that added to the column, transforming the piece in a collective work.

At the moment of our discovering this project, back in November 2018, 873 posts have been added and the creators are just beginning to promote their project to international artists, hoping to make the sculptor infinity dream… a reality.

Now, almost five years later, the column goes on, albeit at a slower pace. The latest update was done in March 2022, in solidarity with Ukraine after Russia invaded. Can you help keep this project going? Follow the @theendlesscolumn account and contribute.

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