Exclusive Free Fortnite Dance Emote For OnePlus Owners

Exclusive Free Fortnite Dance Emote For OnePlus Owners



Any user with an OnePlus 3 model, or newer, can claim the new Bhangra Boogie Fornite dance-emote. Considering the market share that OnePlus has in the world, and the popularity of Fornite throughout the platforms, the limited time offer is going to be a huge success. 

Fortnite users, who also have an OnePlus Phone, can start from today to get the dance to emote. All you have to do is to register on the OnePlus website, and you will get your promo code. 

To get the code, you will need to sign in to your OnePlus Account, find the IMEI number and PCBA number on your phone, and verify them on the provided page. After you receive the emote code via email, go to the Fortnite website for redemption, and the Bhangra Boogie Fornite dance-emote is all yours. Users will need an OnePlus account, new or existing, and an Epic Games account to redeem the Fortnite Bhangra Boogie Emote. Each device will only receive one Emote redemption.

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