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Four New Skullcandy Wireless Buds Bring Tile Tracking, So You Can’t Lose Them

Skullcandy just debuted its colorful summer line-up and included the most helpful feature for wireless earbuds: Tile Bluetooth tracking, in case you mysteriously lose yet another headphone.

Not only does each earbud can behave like a Tile, so you can find the missing pair, but you can also find them when they’re inside their case.

It’s a rare feature that’s going to help whenever you leave home in a hurry.

The four new Skullcandy wireless headphones start at $59 for the Sesh Evo and go up to $99 for the Push Ultra.

The Push Ultra in the video above have the Powerbeats Pro-type design with a hook going over the ear. Their case is also inspired by Apple’s Beats offering and promises up to 40 hours of charges.

The Push Ultra also have IP67 water resistance, have moldable hooks and are fitted with playback and volume controls, so they’re definitely the most sports-friendly of the bunch.

You can also match them with your outfits, as they come in black, lime yellow and a gorgeous sky blue.

skullcandy indy fuel wireless earbuds

Next off you have the Skullcandy Indy Fuel, retailing for $99 as well, which are more Airpods-like in design.

These ones have 30 hours total battery including the wireless case (plus rapid charge) and are IP55 sweat, water and dust resistant.

skullcandy indy evo wireless earbuds

A bit cheaper are the Skullcandy Indie Evo at $79 but still keeping that 30 hours battery life and IP 55 sweat and dust resistance.

Skullcandy-Sesh-Evo wireless earbuds

Then, lastly, the Skullcandy Sesh Evo at $60, which will appeal to those who liked the Redmi earbuds form factor.

These ones also offer IP55 resistance, Tile tracking, and fast charge, but their total battery is 24 hours.


All of the new Skullcandy wireless earbuds are available now on

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