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Games Like Wordle: Similar Puzzle Games To Keep You Busy All Day

Since you can only play Wordle once per day and everyone plays the same puzzle that day, it’s easy to see why you’d want some more word games to keep you occupied.

Fortunately, the web is now full of games like Wordle and there’s even a Wordle generator for you to build your own Wordle.

Check out the best Wordle alternatives and make sure your boss doesn’t see you going all in on this obsession!

Oh yeah, and if you’re thinking of cheating, you can always use a Scrabble Word Finder or a tool like Unscramble Words. They allow you to enter letters you have and give you options for words that you can make with those letters. Don’t tell anyone!

Word Master 

Word Master is basically the best game like Wordle, since it doesn’t have the daily limit and you can solve puzzles to your heart’s content. We like using it to get better at Wordle, sort of like a training game.

Seven Wordles 

Another game like Wordle that’s perfect as a training tool is Seven Wordles. Get ready for some fast-paced puzzle solving, because this one shows you how fast you can solve a Wordle. 


If you’re really thinking about going pro at Wordle, then try your hand at Dordle – and maybe challenge some friends too. Dordle is basically a double Wordle. You get two puzzles at once and you can do them either once a day or unlimited.

Hello Wordl 

For a more challenging Wordle experience, try Hello Wordl. This is an older puzzle game that works basically the same but lets you do even longer words. You have a slider to pick how many letters you can handle. We’d recommend going for five or six in the beginning, since it really is a challenge! Set Hello Word! to the max 11 letters difficulty if you wanna break a sweat.

Fun Wordle Alternatives


Cursing like a sailor? Try Lewdle, the funny Wordle clone that’s definitely NSFW (not safe for work.

This is a Wordle clone to try if you had a bad day and want to blow off some steam. Or, you know, if you and your friends are tired of Cards Against Humanity.


Just like Lewdle, Sweardle lets you get everything off your chest and put in writing things you can’t say out loud. Cursing Wordle? Yes please. *eyes Putin*


But if you’re ready for a brand new challenge and a puzzle game to improve your vocabulary for real, download SpellTower. This fun game is kinda like Tetris with words, dropping letters on you so you can connect them into words.


Lordle of the Rings

The most fun and niche Wordle alternative of them all?

Try Lordle of the Rings and test your JRR Tolkien knowledge. We lost an afternoon or two trying to find as many hobbits’ names as possible, mostly because this word puzzle game doesn’t also accept words from Tolkien’s other body of work. If the words aren’t in Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, you won’t find them in Lordle of the Rings?

So, which of these games are you going to try right now? If you have any more word puzzle ideas, share them in the comments and we’ll update the article with your suggestion. Thanks!

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Games Like Wordle: Similar Puzzle Games To Keep You Busy All Day
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