Google Earth Launches Feature That Allows You to Share Your Favourite Travel Spots

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Google Earth has a feature in the “Voyager” section, where you can see professionally made 3D tours of spectacular places all over the planet.

Now, anyone can create tours of places they’ve visited and share them with friends. Users can trace lines between places on the map, drop pins and add pictures, videos or text to the desired sports, then save and send them to friends.

So this works perfectly if you want to share a walk you had around London and recommend a good cafe or an instagramable spot. You can also invite others to collaborate on the tour you created.

In these screenshots from The Verge, directions are shown to a Tokyo restaurant with a capture of a specific camera angle making it easier to find.

The Verge

There are also more complex, premade tours called “stories” of amazing Italian architecture or an Antarctic expedition. Have a look here:

The Verge

Creating your own tour is only available on the Google Earth web app, but you can still view them using the latest versions of the iOS and Android app.

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