Google I/O Cancelled, Meets Same Fate as MWC and Geneva Motor Show

Google I/O Cancelled, Meets Same Fate as MWC and Geneva Motor Show

source: Google/Facebook

And… another one bites the dust. Google I/O, the company’s annual developer’s conference, has been canceled amidst coronavirus concerns. The tech event is just one of several to suffer the same fate, starting with the MWC Barcelona.

Although the Google I/O is a couple of months’ away, the company felt necessary to not take unnecessary risks as the coronavirus outbreak is still spreading. Therefore, they have already announced attendees the conference was being canceled and the tickets purchased refunded by the end of the month.

Visitors were also invited to purchase another ticket but for the following year, for the 2021 Google’s Developer Conference.

The announcement was made public on Twitter yesterday:

Google is looking into other options “to connect” so it’s very likely that they will livestream their updates as other tech companies did.

Due to the COVID-19 scare, most tech events have been postponed or canceled this year. While CES took place in January, MWC 2020 was canceled last month, followed by Geneva Motor Show. The Game Developer Conference was postponed while the EVE Online Fanfest was cancelled.

Here is how the coronavirus might affect the tech industry overall:

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