Google Pixel 6A: A BIG Change is Coming

Google Pixel 6A is going to be different from all the Pixel A phones before it! A big change is coming to this popular mid-ranger from Google and you won’t want to miss it, trust me.

If the last Pixel A’s from Google stubbornly refused to follow the times, Pixel 6A will break the mould. The phone is going to be not only better than the Pixel 5A or 4A, but different where it matters. 

Google Pixel 6A: Camera and Processor

At first glance, the phone is pretty identical to the Pixel 6. This means you’ll definitely get the new case with the black camera strip on the back which, if you ask me, is going to host a dual camera once again. 

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What is interesting and could make this handset the best budget phone on the market is Google’s decision to upgrade the cameras. Just like they did with Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, we’re gonna get a 50MP GN1 main camera on the 6A. That is infinitely better than the 12MP one on the Pixel 5A.

That, in itself, is a great selling point for the phone. Another reason to buy it could be the processor. Normally, Google should outfit this phone with a Snapdragon 778G chip but there’s a chance the company will bring Tensor on.

It’s true, not everyone is ready to embrace Tensor but, if you ask me, a proprietary chip, custom-made for a phone, and that’s coming fresh out of the Google oven has nice odds against the generic mid-ranger from Qualcomm.

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Google Pixel 6A: Display and a Missing Feature

So, is that the big change coming to the phone? Not quite.

The cameras are still going to be the main reason you buy Pixel 6a, as the hardware on board will match Google’s software magic, but they are not the surprise element here.

The design and size of the phone are not going to make that big of a splash, either. According to recent rumors, Pixel 6a will be smaller than Pixel 6 and 5a, going for a 6.2-inches display and, likely, the same old 60Hz refresh rate. It’s true, Google is sizing down rather than up this year but it shouldn’t feel like much of a difference.

What will throw you off is the lack of a … headphone jack!

For the first time on a Pixel A, there won’t be a headphone jack. With no jack on the bottom of the phone, users will have no way to connect their wired headphones.

That’s something I definitely didn’t expect, especially on a budget phone. These smartphones were our last tether to a wired reality. With this gone, wireless headphones are gonna take over once and for all. 😱

Google Pixel 6A: Price

The fingerprint scanner – the visible, physical one – is gone, too. Can’t say I’m sorry about this one – Google is probably going to use an under-display one, like it did with the Pixel 6 series. 

Now, selling this phone for just $450 feels like wishful thinking, considering the jump in camera quality, processor and even fingerprint scanner.

However, raising the price just doesn’t seem financially wise right now. These days, Pixel 5A is going for $350 and Pixel 6 is facing Black Friday price slashes. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed for a $450 price tag.

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