This Fitness App Comes With A Punching Bag And Smart Punch Trackers
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This Fitness App Comes With A Punching Bag And Smart Punch Trackers



At-home workout videos have boomed during the pandemic, with a lot of people who relied on gyms to keep in shape having to find alternative ways of exercising. Even after we have all begun to return to our jobs a good number of people are still working from home and they have increasingly found it more comfortable to also exercise from the comfort of their own living room. 

While you can do most exercises with the help of YouTube or apps on your phone, if you were into box fitness, then that might prove to be a little more difficult without access to the gym. 

However, we might finally have a workaround for that. Boxx is working on a new generation punching bag that you can install at home, and it comes along with smart punch trackers that are integrated with an app that will help you keep up with the same intense workouts as before. 

”At Boxx, we’re designing for the new world of at-home workouts. Not just great content and technology, we’re also thinking about your space as well as your style. When you’re not working out we want your home to feel like home, not the gym,” Anna Samuels, Boxx founder, has said. 

She herself has created the app over 3 years, after finding it difficult to keep up with her favorite classes while on maternity leave. Since then however, Samuels has decided to run the business full-time and has created a thriving fitness community. 

But, how does it work, you ask ? It’s pretty straightforward actually: the trackers we mentioned before are Bluetooth-enabled and they track everything from how many punches you pulled to their speed, power and direction. All this data is stored in the app, thus allowing the users to track their progress. 

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There’s also a community that allows the users to interact with each other and even compete via class leaderboards. 

You can stream classes to your phone, desktop or TV and choose from multiple workouts. And don’t worry, it’s not all just about throwing punches: the app also offers HIIT workouts as well as classes that focus on strength and conditioning as well as stretching and yoga sessions to help with recovery. 

The main star of this home workout setup is, of course, the punching bag: it’s pretty compact and won’t occupy too much space in your home. It also comes in colors like Pitch Black, Bold Blue, Cool Grey or Muted Pink, pasted on either a cotton mix or vegan leather. 

Currently, Boxx has begun a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that will run until the 9th of December, though it has reached its funding goal in less than one hour!

Boxx is available for preorder and early bird pricing begins at £111/$148/€130 for the trackers and £548/$735/€642 for the trackers and punching bag combo. 

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This Fitness App Comes With A Punching Bag And Smart Punch Trackers
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1 Comment

  1. Richard Boxx

    November 29, 2021 at 3:10 pm

    Thanks for sharing! If you’re interested in Boxx you can find out more here.

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