Google Pixel Fold: How Much Did Samsung Help?

Even with Google Tensor aboard, how much of Pixel Fold is Google and how much of it is Samsung? The latest on the Pixel Fold point to a very involved Samsung and a pretty much confirmed release!

In Google land, things are afoot. And I’m not just talking about the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro that made an appearance in New York. Since it’s still September, I’m going to say those two must have been dummies. 

Instea, I am talking about the Pixel Fold. Unlike the Pixel 6 series that Google made effort to keep under wraps, the Pixel Fold is everybody’s guess.

Google Pixel Fold: Release Date

While the phone is definitely in the works, we haven’t seen one visual teaser yet. That would have been fine if Google scheduled the launch for 2022 but word is, Pixel Fold could be revealed with the Pixel 6 phones or a couple of weeks later.

The Passport mention in Android 12 was a clear indication and now, one of the key people at Display Supply Chain Consultants let it slip too. 

The only thing holding me back from believing it’s a sure 2021 release is the lack of teasers from Google. The company made almost no reference to a foldable device coming this year. 

Assuming Google is keeping the best for last and Pixel Fold is coming on October 19 – when Pixel 6 phones should come out – or in November, at the latest, here’s what you need to know. 

Google Pixel Fold: Samsung’s Involvement

First, Pixel Fold will depend on Samsung big time. The phone is likely to use Samsung’s display tech and 5G modem, maybe even their UTG. Since Samsung is the only one with a functional, good looking foldable on the market right now, it’s easy to see why Google gave them a call. Plus, they’re leading display makers.

Pixel Fold will likely have the exact same “face” as Galaxy Z Fold 3. That is a 7.6-inches inward folding screen, with the company’s ultra thin glass for more durability. The display should be a LTPO OLED meaning it will offer a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate. 

Just like the Z Fold, the phone will bring an under display camera. It’s unclear how capable that under display camera will be and whether it will have a bigger resolution than Samsung’s one.

Design-wise, I don’t see it breaking ranks and going for something completely different than Pixel 6. Expect the same thin, almost invisible bezels, a dual tone colored back and even the black band keeping the cameras together. 

Google Pixel Fold: Tensor Chip Performance

There are still some more specs that need disclosure, but first let’s talk a bit about Tensor, Google’s shiny first chip! Google made sure to promote as much as possible their creation without really giving us the deets.

The company practically boasted about the enhanced AI features and security every single chance they got. They also made sure we’d get excited about what that would mean photo-wise. 

In fact, Google staff teased “very competitive standard stuff” and “totally different AI stuff.” So how is Tensor structured exactly? XDA gave us a quick glance based on what they know from Geekbench and another source about the CPU. And here’s where I start doubting Google’s plans and hoping Tensor won’t be Pixel Fold’s downfall.

The CPU architecture is sort of… weird. They’re going with an ARM architecture and, like any company working on phone flagships, Google is opting for an X1 core. Actually, two X1 cores! On paper, that’s one step above everyone on the market right now.

But that fearless move is coupled with a strange one. 

Google Pixel Fold: Is Tensor The Right Move?

Apparently, Google is planning to couple those two X1 cores with two A76 and four A55. If you have a hard time remembering which is which, in short, the A55 are efficiency cores for your run of the mill tasks. The A76 are performance cores for heavy tasks like gaming. 

However, the A76 core is a two-generations-old one. Right now, flagship phones go with the A78. That doesn’t make sense – why take the lead with the X1 if you’re gonna double back with those old cores? 

XDA seems pretty sure of themselves but deep down I’m still hoping that’s a mistake and the Pixel Fold will actually feature the A78. Tensor would definitely be the highlight of the phone if that happens!

Finally, a Google Pixel 6 Hands-on Video Leak!

Google Pixel Fold: Cameras, Battery, Price

Until we get confirmation on the Tensor bit, let’s see what else will make Pixel Fold a mainstay of the foldable market. 

Google will make sure their phone ticks all the camera boxes, software-wise. As for hardware, I think Pixel Fold should feature at least dual rear cameras, if not triple, with a 50MP main and a 12MP ultrawide. The cover camera could be a 12MP one.

Android 12 should make the entire experience run smoothly and hopefully help developers prep their apps for the foldable UI. Battery? If we consider what Pixel 6 is set to bring and what the Z Fold phones are featuring, I’d say between 4,000mAh and 4,400mAh.  

How about price? Considering Google’s pricing strategy of late, I think Pixel Fold will be cheaper than Galaxy Z Fold 3, maybe somewhere around $1,500 – $1,700. What do you think?

Google Means Business With Two Foldables, Instead of Only One

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