Google Search Is Gently Nudging You to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Tech companies are on the sustainability bandwagon for a couple of years now and, no matter the reasons behind their change of heart, I, for one, couldn’t be happier about it. Google, for example, showed their support for a more sustainable lifestyle by removing the charger from their product boxes and now, the company is using their search engine to convince more to make eco-conscious choices.

The Google Search results you’ll start getting from now on when you’re trying to shop or travel will emphasize sustainable options.

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If you want to get an electronic appliance like a dishwasher, you’ll see Google nudging you to opt for more sustainable products. Those of you who are looking to get an electric or hybrid car will get improved results as well as directions to the easiest, closest charging stations.

Traveling via airplane will not be discouraged, but doing so aboard an older plane with bigger CO2 emissions, will.

Climate change information will be readily at your fingertips and in a more detailed form than ever before, with UN and other authorities pitching in.

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Perhaps the most surprising change will happen in the financial sector. Google Finance will give people sustainability scores for their stocks. Users will get to see how sustainable the companies they’re investing in are, as Google will draw data from the Climate Disclosure Project.

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The results that will first pop up in your search engine will be the shopping and traveling ones. The data concerning climate change, stocks and cars will roll out in the months to come.

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Google Search Is Gently Nudging You to a Sustainable Lifestyle
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