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GoPro Hero7: Leaked Specs Confirmed, New Lineup Brings Amazing Stabilization

This news has been updated with the official announcement by GoPro.

Not that anyone thought the GoPro Hero 7 leak was fake but we didn’t expect a confirmation so soon.
GoPro just announced the new Hero 7 lineup in white, silver and black options.

All three new action cameras will go on sale on September 27, with prices at $199, $299, and $399.

The priciest one, the GoPro Hero 7 Black, brings the much-anticipated live-streaming capability, alongside a time-lape mode, much better stabilization and 4K video capture at 60 FPS.

Even though the Hero 7 line is the same size as the Hero 6 one, the Hero 7 Black has its name printed on the side so, if you have multiple GoPros at home, you won’t have difficulty recognizing the newest model.
Of course, the footage shot will definitely let people know you’re using a GoPro Hero 7, since the Hypersmooth stabilization is so smooth it actually feels like a gimbal was used. Shaky video is dead indeed.

Previously leaked details:

Thanks to B&H Photo, we now have almost all the information we need about the new GoPro Hero7 lineup: there will be the high-end Hero7 Black, the mid-range Hero7 Silver and the Hero7 White, which will be an entry-level camera.

The Hero7 Black comes with the ability to stream live video with a 12-megapixel camera sensor that is capable of shooting in 4K at 60 frames per second. In addition, it also has the ‘HyperSmooth’ digital image stabilization, in order to compensate for the camera shake with a gimbal-like movement.

The Hero7 Black can shoot at a 4K bitrate of 78Mbps and record at 2.7K at 120fps or 1080p super slow motion at 240fps. If you want better sound, the camera can be fitted with an optional adapter for attaching an external mic.

It’s also the only model out of the three that features a removable battery.

Meanwhile, the Hero7 Silver has a 10-megapixel sensor that can shoot 4K at up to 30fps, 1440p60, and 1080p60 video at a maximum bitrate of 30Mbps. The maximum bitrate at 4K is 78 Mb/s.

The Hero7 White shoots stabilized 1080p at 60fps video. Neither the Hero 7 White or the Hero 7 Silver are designed for slow-motion capture.

All three models are waterproof up to 33 feet without the housing and have time-lapse, voice control and a vertical capture mode.

For now there is no info on the pricing and availability or any other extra info as B&H has quickly removed the links at the time this article is written, but we’re bound to hear more quite soon.

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