Gorgeous Concept Video Shows Off Galaxy F, Samsung's Foldable Phone

Gorgeous Concept Video Shows Off Galaxy F, Samsung’s Foldable Phone

Samsung made headlines last week with the announcement of the first Samsung foldable phone, the Galaxy F. Ready to see it up close? A concept artist cut to the chase.

Samsung was pretty shy on details, presenting only a teaser on the SDC 2018 stage. It was probably an attempt to get designers and developers hyped enough to start designing a new UI (user interface) to take advantage of the foldable Galaxy F screen.

Needless to say, as you can see from the video above, their plan worked.

Famous YouTube user Concept Creator hunted down all the information available about the Galaxy F and added his creative touch to present a foldable phone concept that’s a visual feast.

The last Galaxy F foldable phone indicated a retail price of over $1700, which should surprise no one, as flexible screens like these are still prototypes. Of course, this means that the Galaxy F shown in this concept video is probably sleeker than the device Samsung will launch next year.

Right now, there are only three foldable phones to watch for. There’s Samsung’s Galaxy F, which will debut next year. There’s the unnamed LG project that’s confirmed but has no actual details available for the public.

And, finally, there’s Royole’s Flexpai, the unexpected debut that managed to steal the title of “World’s first foldable phone” from the big guys. That one will go for $1,300 and will be here this December, months before Samsung’s expected detailed reveal.

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