Halo Community Manager Affirms Halo Infinite Release Window and Consoles

Halo Community Manager Affirms Halo Infinite Release Window and Consoles

PC: Xbox/Microsoft

We recently reported that Halo Infinite might be delayed past 2022 and may end up being a Xbox Series X exclusive. However, according to a Halo Community Manager, these may simply be false rumors.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, 343 Community Manager John Junyszek responded to a comment about the recent rumors and ensured fans that Halo Infinite was still on track for 2021 and the Xbox Series X. As Junyszek tweeted, “there are no plans to change our 2021 release or the devices and platforms we’ll be supporting. We’re building Halo Infinite to the best it can be on each device/platform.”

This is certainly reassuring for any fans worried about how soon they’ll get to play the game and on what console they’ll get to play it on. However, it should be noted that plans can change. After all, Halo Infinite was supposed to be a launch title.

Given the overwhelmingly negative reception to the game’s first gameplay trailer, the move to delay the game was not surprising. If 343 Industries and Microsoft are able to publish Halo Infinite on time and on both next- and current-generation systems as Junyszek says they are, fans will most likely be content.

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