The iPhone 12 Pro May Not Get The 120Hz Display Everyone's Expecting

iPhone 12 Pro May Not Get The 120Hz Display Everyone’s Expecting

UPDATE: Young says Apple is trying to make the 60-94Hz IC drivers work up to 120Hz by adjusting the refresh rate by 25%.

The iPhone 12 Series launch is closing in and it seems Apple is facing issues with the production of the new flagship. The release was already pushed back from its usual September date, to late October although we still don’t know exactly when will that be.

According to Ross Youngan analyst who was on target with previous Apple news, the iPhone 12 Pro models will not be equipped with a 120Hz screen refresh rate. Apple will launch four types of the iPhone 12 this fall — a base model, a larger Max model, and a “Pro” and “Pro Max” version.

Young reports that the 120Hz OLED panels are all set and ready to manufacture for the iPhone 12 Pro, but Apple can’t seem to find driver ICs to drive the pixels at 120Hz. He suggests Apple doesn’t want to push the release any further, so it will just go with the default 60Hz refresh rate for the Pro model.

This comes as a disappointment for many fans, who are expecting to see the best technology available go into all new iPhones. The 120Hz refresh rate has become a standard for new flagships, some even going for 144Hz displays. At the moment though, it seems that Apple will include the 120Hz only in the iPhone 12 Pro Max phones.

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