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World’s Thinnest Earbuds Follow the Shape of Your Head for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep technology expert Kokoon just announced its newest product, the Kokoon Nightbuds. The company released its first-gen sleep headphones back in 2015 and is now bringing us the world’s thinnest smart Bluetooth earbuds.

Nightbuds were created to help people struggling with sleep, especially in these trying times. Apart from blocking out noise, Nightbuds are able to play audio as you fall asleep.

At just 5.4mm thick, NightBuds are the world’s thinnest Bluetooth headphones.

The earbuds work with an app that you can use to play your own audio (audiobooks, podcasts, music) or you can choose to “create your own Kokoon”. Users have the option to create an immersive 4D binaural soundstage through which they can experience relaxing audio escapes such as the “Misty Mountain Hideaway”.

Kokoon told us a bit about the technology behind the new Nightbuds:

NightBuds utilize Kokoon’s Sleep Coaching Technology and monitor sleep (via PPG & accelerometers) to provide personalized insights and recommendations specific to the user, to improve their sleep. Applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), widely recognized as the most effective treatment to aid sleep, users have access to AI coaching that is personalized to them based on their sleep.

The Nightbuds can also be used as regular headphones, as they’re equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 so you can take calls or listen to music. You can pre-order the Nightbuds, or just support the company on Kickstarter, here.

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