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Here’s What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks A Home VR Office Would Look Like

Would you like a chair in front of the desk or are you happy in your virtual cubicle with a tiny bench?

Mark Zuckerberg just posted on his Facebook what he thinks the future of VR offices looks like, since he believes more people would join the metaverse to live out their days like that.

Don’t panic when seeing the tiny desk without a chair or the wooden bench beside it – there’s more to come!

Zuckerberg shared a 3D post you can drag and look around in, sort of like visiting a Swedish jail cell, though jail cells usually feature some sort of mattress and not just a blanket on a wooden plank.

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“Quest v39 update coming soon with a new home office space where you can take Messenger calls, read emails, or work on your next big project. We’re making our multitasking features available by default, so you can customize your workspace as you go between tasks. More people are using virtual reality headsets in place of computers, and updates like these are making it easier to be productive no matter where you are,” wrote Zuckerberg.

The metaverse office he shared will be launched in an upcoming software update to the Horizon home available on Quest 2.

The question is: do you need a bed in your virtual home office to virtually lie down when virtual mail is flowing at you from every angle? We suppose hanging some NFTs on the wall might make things more cozy!

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Here’s What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks A Home VR Office Would Look Like

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