Holographic Halloween Decorations Transport You In A World Of Horrors

halloween holographic deco

Spider webs and hanging gauze ghosts are classic decorations when it comes to Halloween. But classic can also mean boring after a while. If you really want to kick it up a notch this year, choose something with a tech flair. What do you think about holographic zombies, witches or ghosts? #realitymagic

AtmosFX is releasing this year a Halloween kit with three creepy scenes that can play out in your home continuously, during trick-or-treating. To set it up, you need a projector and a canvas. The company provides that also; the Virtual Reality Halloween Projector has 1920 x 1080 resolution and comes with a fabric screen.

As for the entertainment, you have various options of DVDs to choose from: Spectral Surfaces, Facade of Fright, Possessed Portrait. So, you can go for skeletons, spirits, witches or zombies crawling out of windows. The scenes can be projected on walls, the floor, ceiling or any transparent material you hang at the entrance of a room.

After inserting the DVD and arranging the projector at least 6 feet from the window or wall, hit play and start the thematic party. You won’t have to worry about restarting the whole thing again, since the videos are in a continuous loop for an unlimited amount of time.

AtmosFX is selling the Halloween kit on their official website, at the price of $200.

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