How to Get Your Own “Vantablack” Art Piece

If you love collecting things that have a great story behind them, then you should check out these art pieces. All of them display shapes in the darkest black in the universe, turning the famous “vantablack” quirky experiment into commercially available products.

Horizon Black is the company that took this initiative to Kickstarter. The team spent the last years developing a material that could absorb 99.9% of visible light. The new shade of black was obtained by using a nanoscale array of inorganic molecules on an aluminum substrate using a chemical deposition process.

The way the molecules are arranged allows them to trap the incoming photons and push it out in the form of heat. Each piece created by Horizon Black is supported by an lucite acrylic case and a removable lid.

The product comes in various sizes: 45mm, 100mm and 200mm. To support their endeavour, you only have to go to Kickstarter where the products are on sale, too. Prices range from £59 to £259.

Speaking of coloring in the extreme, researchers from Purdue University went in the opposite direction and gave life to the “lightest white”. Their new paint can reflect 98.1% of sunlight, cooling off objects coated in this paint instantly.

As a matter of fact, scientists believe that this will likely be one of the use-cases for their “vantawhite“. Corporations could choose to use their substance for their office buildings, keeping rooms cool in the summer months. It would also be a way to reduce energy consumption, by needing air conditioners less or not at all.

How did it all start? With vantablack, in 2017. Read all about it below:

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How to Get Your Own “Vantablack” Art Piece

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