Huawei P20 Pro Might Showcase Two More Colors For The P20 Pro At IFA Berlin

Credit: Huawei

Probably due to the almost immediate success of the P20 Pro smartphone, Huawei has decided to introduce two more color variants of the flagship model at the IFA Berlin 2018.

The device was already presented with a number of new features such as being the first model with a triple camera setup and having a gradient color palette. That color palette was so immensely popular it was imitated almost immediately by the likes of Motorola and Lenovo.

Android Authority claims to have seen the new colors as well well as verified their existence, but cannot make any reveals in order to protect their source, so we will have to take their word for it, for now.

The first color is rumored to be a transition of turquoise to blue and purple hues that mimic the aurora borealis. The gradient is said to start black on the left side and transitions into the other colors at the right of the device.

The second color is apparently inspired by the sea, sea shells and pearls and it’s white, with subtle hints of yellow and pink, much more understated than the Rose Gold P20, which sported a white to pink gradient as well.

Rumor is the colors are outstanding and if that’s a thing you’re after, judging by what we know so far, which variant would you like to get?

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